Our Mission

To Empower Humans to Do What Humans Do Best by Accelerating the Advent of Intelligent Machines

Humans are incredible. We put a man on the moon. We discovered the structure of DNA and penicillin. We created art like The Starry Night and Les Demoiselles d'Avignon. We are truly an extraordinary species. And yet why is it that so many people find their work un-fulfilling? At Chef, we believe and are working to create a future where we all have an opportunity to self-actualize our highest potential, to be innovative and creative, to lead, and to create art. In other words, we want to empower humans to be, well, human!

To implement this vision, we’re leveraging Robotics and AI. Today, one of the largest professions in the world, being an assembly line cook, is an extremely dull and dangerous job -- leading to massive turnover rates as people find try unsuccessfully to find more fulfilling work. The result for food companies is being understaffed 20-50% as they try to meet their demand. Our goal is to put a robot in every commercial kitchen in the world.

And if we can become the first robotics company to truly scale, we can inspire the next generation of founders, engineers, incumbents, and investors to build robotics at scale, and collectively, we can scale intelligent robots. Specifically, Chef’s mission is to empower humans to do what humans do best by accelerating the advent of intelligent machines in the world. This is of vital importance right now since there are many jobs in the world – like making food – that fundamentally we all need to survive. And yet, humankind is growing richer and growing older. People don’t want to work in these jobs anymore. But we still need the output. The only way to bridge this gap is robotics. This is of existential importance to us and our nation.

But this is not all to say that robotics are all about solving problems. There’s a lot of things that robots empower that simply aren’t possible without robots. Ponder this: right now, there’s a lot of places in the world where the fresh food is simply too expensive; this leads people to rely on fast food for nourishment. But the largest parts of food cost are generally real estate and labor; if one can reduce labor costs significantly (say using autonomy) and reduce real estate by having a fully self-sustaining system in a low footprint, then one could drive down the cost of fresh food for us all. This is just one example of how robots can empower us to do things that are just not possible without robots. But to do this, we need to accelerate the advancement of robots in our day to day lives.

None of this is easy. But it's important. And no matter how hard they are, important things must be done. Join us on our mission to accelerate the advent of intelligent machines. We need all the support we can get.

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