Truly Intelligent Food Automation

Chef leads transformation in food companies by increasing production volume with flexible robotics and machine learning.

Cost savings on Day 1
Increase yield, waste less
Unfilled Jobs in US Food Prep
Unfilled Jobs by 2030
Annual Staff Turnover

The Modern Labor Crisis

Food service and food production has the #1 labor shortage in the US according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Food companies are reeling with hiring and retention problems. More and more food companies are thinking of off-shoring parts of their supply chain.

Traditional "hard" automation is not flexible enough to help — Chef is building an alternative.

Robots in the field

Chef is already deployed in production at multiple customers sites


Servings in Production

Our Vision

Humans are incredible. We put a man on the moon. We discovered the structure of DNA and penicillin. We created art like The Starry Night and Les Demoiselle s d'Avignon. We are truly an extraordinary species. And yet why is it that so many people find their work un-fulfilling?

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