Flexible Robotics and AI

Chef leads transformation in food companies by increasing production volume with flexible robotics and AI.

AI-enabled automation
Save costs
Year ONE
Increase yield, Decrease waste
Trusted by the top companies in the industry
America's #1 Labor Shortage: Unfilled Jobs in U.S. Food Prep
Unfilled Jobs in U.S. Food Prep by 2030
Annual Staff Turnover Rate

The Modern Labor Crisis

Food companies are grappling with an unprecedented labor shortage. Hiring and retaining workers is more challenging than ever, putting the US at risk for food shortages nationwide.

Leveraging automation as a form of labor is necessary to meet demand.

Status quo: manual labor is the only viable option

Food manufacturers have tried traditional automation techniques like multi-head dispensers, vibratory feeds, and volumetric fill dispensers for years.

Nothing is flexible enough to deal with the highly variable nature of food, so companies end up relying on people to carry out tasks by hand.

We believe there’s no future where this work is done by hand. What if there was an alternative?

AI empowers us to take existing hardware and make it intelligent enough to manipulate food

Powered by ChefOS, AI equips Chef's systems with the flexibility needed to handle the highly variable nature of food.

Interact with ChefOS

Chef’s AI-enabled robots are as flexible as a human

AI allows Chef to work with:

Your ingredients
Your portion sizes
Your trays, burritos, wraps, and pizzas
Your placement styles
Your conveyors

Learn More About Customer Impact

Amy’s Kitchen

Amy’s Kitchen leveraged Chef to improve product consistency of runs by 12%, lower food giveaway by 4%, and increase labor productivity by 17%.

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Chef Bombay

Read about how Chef Bombay (a contract manufacturer) reduced deposit standard deviation by 30%, reduced food giveaway by 88%, increased labor productivity by 33%, and increased throughput by 9%.

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Within 3 weeks of signing an initial contract, Chef started production and has since helped Sunbasket increase consistency by 25% and free up 10% of the staff it takes to do a run to allow them to take on other tasks.

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Customer Impact

No CapEx, just OpEx means savings year one

Chef utilizes a Robotics-as-a-Service model. That means that instead of collecting a high CapEx fee, we act like an external robot staffing agency. You pay us a yearly fee and we provide you with robot workers that just work.

For a flat yearly fee, Chef provides the following:

Core Hardware and Software to Meet Performance

End-to-End Support (Field Service, Maintenance, and Parts Replacement)

24/7 Monitoring in Real-time

HW and SW Updates and Upgrades to Adapt to Your Changing Products and Operations

Customer Success Personnel to Ensure Utilization

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To Empower Humans to Do What Humans Do Best by Accelerating the Advent of Intelligent Machines

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