Build the Future of Robotics

Our mission is to accelerate the advent of intelligent machines which empower humans to do what humans do best. Nothing about what we're doing is easy. Some would call it irrationally hard. Still, ask yourself: what idea will be as impactful as the invention of the computer or the internet in the short run? The obvious answer is: AI embodied via a robot. At Chef, we've chosen a technically constrained problem in an almost unlimited market and our goal is to be the first company to scale intelligent robotics around the world. Once we succeed, Chef will change how everyone eats food and the number of robots in the world forever. If solving really hard problems alongside some of the most ambitious people in the world seems fun to you, we'd love to chat!

Our current team is comprised of of all senior/staff engineers, tech leads, and engineering managers ex Cruise, Google AI, Nuro, Verb Surgical, Saildrone, Tesla, Google Cloud Platform, Zoox, Embark Trucks, Amazon Robotics, Think Surgical, Facebook, and Built Robotics. 

Our Principles

These are the principles we come back to every single day. When we don't know how to make a decision, we always come back to our principles.

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Customer and user obsession

We’re here to serve our customers and users. Go backwards from the customers and obsess after giving them the best experience possible.

Move with extreme velocity and focus

Velocity matters. We’re serving customers where a little downtime can cost millions. Ship fast and be laser focused on what matters. Work smart and hard.

Hire the very best people

If enough smart people are in a room together, we'll figure it out. Hire slow rather than to fill a role.

Meet the Team

Our team is made up of world-class engineers, operators, and leaders who come from diverse backgrounds and sets of experiences. Here are a few folks on our team!


I love our team! Everyone is smart, ambitious, hardworking, and determined to make our mission a success. At the same time, the team is also kind and supportive. My teammates all show up for one another personally and professionally.


Something I love about Chef is getting to work closely with customers to hear, understand, and improve based on their feedback.


My favorite aspect of Chef is our culture of transparency and openness. I feel supported to do what I love. Over my 2.5 years here, I’ve been pleasantly surprised that Chef has not only helped me grow as an engineer and a leader, but also as a happier and more mature person in general.


I love that our interdisciplinary team of engineers, operations professionals and product professionals is world class. Everyday I’m honored to be in the room!

Our Benefits

Health Insurance

Our health plans offer flexibility to select the coverage that is right for you and your family.

Flexible Paid Time Off

We have a flexible PTO policy that allows you to take planned time off as needed.

401(k) + Matching

We provide a 401(k) and match so you can start saving for retirement early.

Pre-Tax Commuter Benefits + Subsidy

Chef provides commuter benefits + a subsidy to help with your commute.

Flexible Work Hours

We care that you get your work done, not when you do it.

Catered Lunch and Snacks

We cater lunch daily and keep the office stocked with healthy snacks.

Open Positions


Alongside Founders of ZocDoc, Indiegogo, Bright Machines, Gigster, Cobalt Robotics, and Bitwise Asset Management