Our Mission and Master Plan

To Empower Humans to Do What Humans Do Best by Accelerating the Advent of Intelligent Machines

We Are Moving Forward

The food service and food production industries are facing the #1 labor shortage in the US according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. More and more food companies are considering off-shoring parts of their supply chain due to challenges with hiring and retaining labor on-shore.

Servings in Production
Chef’s Robots are Deployed Across North America
Year-over-Year Growth

Who Are We?

Work With Us

Backed by the Best

Dr. Vijay Kumar
Dean of Penn Engineering and Roboticist
Vikas Enti
ex-Head of Product at Amazon Robotics
Matt Kraning
Founder of Expanse (acq. PANW)
Sal Candido
ex-CTO of Loon at Alphabet
Carl Vause
Founder of Soft Robotics
Slava Rubin
Founder of Indiegogo
Gokul Rajaram
Doordash Executive
Cyrus Massoumi
Founder of Zocdoc
Nicolas De Keijser
Director of Sales at Boston Dynamics
Thomas Nedder
ex-CEO of Neato Robotics
Amar Hanspal
ex-CEO of Auto-Desk and Founder of Bright Machines
Jorge Heraud
Founder of Blue River Robotics
Adrian MacNeil
Founder of Foxglove and Former
Director of Infra at Cruise
Vibhav Altekar
Founder of Saronic
Nick Evans
Founder of Tile
Jeson Patel
CTO of The Coterie
Jim Ostrowski
CTO of Blue River Robotics
Carl Showalter
ex-COO of Fetch Robotics

Our Leadership Team

Chef’s team of senior leaders has scaled an array of software and hardware products.

Rajat Bhageria
Ray Martino
Somudro Gupta
Head of Software
John Unkovic
Head of Hardware


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